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While reading this ‘about page’ you are searching to understand me or somehow relate to the things that go on in my head, but to be honest I don’t even understand what is going on up there most of the time. I also know that I am way more than a couple of words confining me to a label that supposedly highlights all that I am known for or attempting to emphasize qualities that claim to define me. I believe that change is constant, so why should a couple of words be allowed to be permanent. Saying that, I shall try to provide what you were looking for when you clicked this button.

My name is Kiana Froese, I am from frozen fingers, nan’s special hot cocoa, ice rink’s as second homes, and syrup dripping from practically everything. I am from Canada.  When I was only 14 years old, I headed out from my cold, quaint city of Red Deer, Alberta, and traveled half way around the world to meet what was going to be my school for the next two years of my life. I lived in 6 different countries and have friends in Morroco, Bhutan, South Africa and about 25 other countries and its all because I took a deep breath and risked it all for THINK IMG_7737Global School. It is the thing dreams are made of.

A couple of months ago, I made a decision. I decided to go back home and spend the last two years of my time in high school along side the two most important people in my life and Dakota, my beautiful Blue Heeler/ Border Collie. She’s actually the only reason I came home.

So, now I live in the cold and spend time all of my time with my family. I volunteer at my school and in my community. I spend almost everyday at the rink and still enjoy getting lost. Its harder now because I have a car and constant cell service, but I do manage to find some adventures in this small little hamlet of mine. Who knew that cows chased you and small buildings make excellent lookouts.

I still enjoy writing, I just needed to find my footing in this new place. I bring my experiences of my travels everywhere I go, which gives me a different perspective and I love sharing it. I try to find time to immerse myself in fictional settings and capturing a moment, whether it be with words or a lens is what keeps me going.

My goals are large and expectations high, but as long as I have people who understand my passion all the way to the end, I’ll make it. Stick around and well have a blast.

currently located: Alberta, Canada


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