Its ok to smile

Turn it up a little louder, move a little prouder and laugh

Just because life gives you something to cry about, does not mean you should

Allow the euphoria to come down with the rain

Don’t hide from it with those who hold an umbrella,

stand in it with those who get soaked with you

Remember to value those people

and let the happiness consume you



Darkness promotes fear

Do not let it overwhelm you and do not wait for it to pass,

find the beauty and light that is within

Look forward into the dark

find the glimmer in the moon and the shine in the rain

Relish in the moment and jump into the puddle



There is no formula for love,

no rule book or instructions

No one dictates what is right or  what is wrong

So, take your own route and without judgment

do the best you can

just smile


Hold on to the memories, not the person

let them go, let them soar

as they spread their wings and leave you

watch with pride and remember they are moving on to happiness

so smile


Do not wait for a rainbow

Make your own and let others find it

Maybe one day, once your rainbow is developed

it may meet another rainbow

A double rainbow is special, but it is very rare and not always the goal

so celebrate your own, celebrate others

and who knows what will happen in the future



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