I don’t really know how I got here. I don’t understand why it is my eyes that’s seeing this view or why I am in this kayak expressing my desire to swim with those graceful dolphins swimming beside my boat. I don’t know why I am the one roasting bananas and eating fern with a group of people that I can call my family after only meeting them a year and a half ago.

How did I get here? What am I doing and where am I going?


It all just didn’t make sense until a 6 day kayak trip to the Abel Tasman made me rethink how much I appreciate my life and what I have been given. I spent a week either in a kayak or tent. I spent time surrounded by people who complain less I do and guides who were, rightly so, insanely proud of their country. We hiked around coasts and up small mountains just to see wonderful views and breathtaking sunrises. We cooked for hours, using playful banter and competition as motivation. We learned that rain can make you appreciate being warm, but the fresh smell that comes from a dewy forest is so much better than a dry one. We learned that being outside of your comfort zone means that you are genuinely living life and that beauty needs to be looked upon as a luxury that not everyone can afford and shouldn’t be taken advantage of. We learned that seals smell worse than expected, but are worth every contaminated breath because of the genuine moments you share as you make eye-contact. Life stops you feel as though you understand. We learned that our planet is unfathomably cool.


We learned that patience is a virtue that needs some work. We learned that people do not live to please and I shouldn’t live that way either. I learned that I need to step up, take action, and do something about the things I care about. We learned that a support system is all you need in rough times. We learned that showering isn’t always necessary. We learned that community is so much stronger working together and communicating instead of spread out, fending for oneself over others. Things are so much more valuable when it comes from hard work. We learned that you have to live life no matter what, so might as well do it with a smile on your face while helping others enhance their experiences.

I got here through the hard work I put into my life every day and the attitude I have towards life. I am experiencing raw life and enjoying every moment of it and I am going to continue to attempt to positively impact the people around me.IMG_3983


One thought on “Questions”

  1. You are wise beyond your years. I have no doubt your words would be a great reminder for me daily. I know you live by these words and I am so very proud of you.


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